Monday, 28 October 2013

Cubit - Keeping your smart stylish and connected

Hi beauts

So I've recently found out about this great new product which will be launching soon and I thought it was to great not to share.

So its called a Cubit and it is a small wearable device that you can connect to your phone through bluetooth and it allows you to get direct notifications like text or emails. Which I thought was a great idea especially when your at work, with some friends or out for dinner as it allows your to keep your hands free of your phone and not look so antisocial with it constantly in your hand (which I am guilty of *hides face* lol)

They also come in a range of colours, they're easily wearable to your own style and preference and they have other great features such as custom LED Animation and a Range finder. You can find out more on there website here:

What do you guys think of this?


  1. This sounds like a pretty cool item, and I like that it comes in different colours:)

  2. This does seem like a great product, especially since you get the notifications so you don't have to keep constantly looking at your phone.


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