Monday, 21 January 2013

D.I.Y Clutch Purse

Hey guys
So yesterday in london It was snowing really bad and I ended up staying in most of the day which got my youtubeing D.I.Y's. I looked at a few when I came across cute duct tape purses. I didn't exactly copy to detail but heres a look at my attempt.
I decided to make mine a little different by adding a magazine cover and content page to the front of the clutch purse and then I added an advertisement on the inside for the card holder. 
It was really easy to make, Unfortunately I didn't take step by step pictures but if you youtube Duct tap Purses / Clutches you'll see some tutorials if your interested. I don't actually know if i'd wear it out but I do think it looks really cute, A few of my friends have already placed orders lol. 

Please escuse my chipped nail varnish x_x

Take Care


  1. That's really cool! i really like the idea of making your own things. You have a lovely blog hun and it would be cool if you could come and check mine out and maybe we could even follow each other. I am currently doing a giveaway on my blog as well which i would love you to enter!



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