Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Shoes: Linzi Sale

I GOT NEW SHOES :D lol. Just  a quick post to shoe you the new addition to my heels

So I went shopping today to have a look at the sales and I couldn't help but go into Linzi, especially since they were having a sale up to 70% off. I was spoilt for choice their shoes are amazing and with the sale on everything was very cheap. So heres a look at the two shoe I got.
Black Spiked lace up boots 
Purple Court shoes 
So thanks to the sale I was able to get both these badboys for only £30. The black laced up boots, Were originally £40 which I got for £20, and the Purple court shoes (even though the look blue in the pics) were originally £25 and I got them for only £10. So I was really happy, I do like a good Bargain. 

I hope everyones been able to get some good pieces in the sales 


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