Monday, 27 February 2012


Hey guys,
So I've decided to do give my room an early spring clean as its my day off uni and I didn't have much to do.  
Anyway as I was emptying draws and box's I realised that I have loads of bangles around my room. 43 to be precise. It just made me remember the times when bangles were in the hight of fashion, and everyone used to pack them all up there arms.
Beyonce - Source

It was a hard decision but I would have to say these 4 are my absolute favourite out of the bunch. I think it because they all seem to have there own sort of character. I don't think i've ever worn them as a combo but i think they look all right :) 

Maybe i'll wear these during the summer. Springs seems to have come early, it was just snowing not to long ago but the last couple of days have been lovely. I hope this summer's going to be a good one this year :)

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of there week 
Kiwi ..x


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