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Laura Mercier - Foundation and Loose Powder | Review ★★★☆☆

Hey Dolls

So the foundation I usually use throughout the year is usually a shade darker then I am, I've always done this as my neck is slightly darker and I like the tanned look, I think it gives of a healthy glow. This is also usually an advantage, as my foundation then usually fits me perfect when summer does come around. But this summer however I actually got a lot darker so my  concept didn't work this year :(. However it's not all bad news as it gave me a chance to try out this foundation and loose powder by Laura Mercer. I've been using it since the beginning of August now so I think I can give a decent review so here goes. 
Laura Mercier
 Moisture Surpreme Fondation - Rich Sienna
Invisible Loose Setting Powder - Universal 
Swatches Of the Products
P.S The Powder can actually be blended in a lot more
but I wanted to show it fresh on 
Ok so first of all the overall packaging, It's not very eye catching, it's very simple. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I think the silver sleek look does add a bit of class and sophistication to the product.

Invisible Loose Setting Powder |Colour: Universal|11.34g |John Lewis Price: £29 |link to Product

1. Its Light Weight, and easy to use
2. It actually is invisible, When applied it gives of a flawless look and matts down the shiny look the foundation gives off.
3. Last all day, No need to re apply
4. A little goes a long way
5. Small & Compact design

1. If you do accidentally put to much on it can look ghostly which can then take a while to blend in.
2. It Is a bit costly at £29, But you pay for quality

Moisture Supreme Fondation |Colour: Rich Sienna |30ml  |JohnLewis Price: £34 |Link to product
1. Easy to use pump bottle
2. Great Colour Match 
3. Easy and smooth application with decent coverage

1. Very Oily, gives off a shiny look if worn without the powder 
2. Stings your eyes if you accidentally get some in. 
3. Quite expensive at £34
4. Strong smell, but that goes once applied to face

Overall, I must say that the finishing products together work very well, they defiantly do complement one another.

But separately I am not a fan of the foundation at all, so defiantly won't be purchasing again in a hurry. I do however love the powder, I have tried it with my MaryKay and Mac Foundation and it works wonders so the powder is a WIN!!!!.

Powder:        Foundation: 

Has anyone else used these products or any other by Laura Mercier? 

Take Care
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  1. Ive always wanted to try there products but found them a bit pricey lol
    Great review though, Love the honesty


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