Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Maybelline Review

Hey guys

So I've mentioned before in a previous Haul that I had picked up these two items by Maybelline from super drugs recently.

Items can be found on the online super drug's store here
Illegal Length Mascara - £8.99
EyeStudio Gel Liner - £7.99

As I've been wearing both of the products on and off for the past week or so. I think its time for a lil review.

Maybelline - Illegal Length Mascara 
*I got quite a bit of length added to my non existent eyelashes. (not an illegal length doe)
*water proof - Last all day
*It doesn't clump your lashes together
*Make's your eyelashes really dark and stand out more
Doesn't add any thickness, which Is something I often look for in a mascara

Maybelline - Eye Studio Gel Liner
*Easy to use, glides easy can create many styles easily.
*Comes out really dark.
*Cute Packaging, I love the brush make's me feel like an artist :)
* Water Proof - Last all day
Nothing to complain about



  1. loveeeeeeee the gel eyeliner! definitely one of my staple makeup products!


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