Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Hey Guy's

I'd just like to apologise for the lack of post the past few days. I haven't neglected my blog, I've just been super busy with Uni Deadlines, I'm sure any other students will understand as it's deadline and Exam period (booo!!!!!).

So I've had such a stressed out day today, I had a 2000word evaluation  due in today for a movie I made and I have 2 essays due in tomorrow. As i've been up since Early I thought I deserved a quick break from my work, and what better way to spend it then read up on some blogs :) as that always brighten my mood.

As I signed in I realised I had reached 100 followers :D. So I'd just like to thank's to all my readers, Im really exited :)

I will be doing a Giveaway to celebrate this real soon :) I just have to think up something special.

Thanks Everyone, This has really made me smile

Take Care

Kiwi ..x


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